A downloadable game for Windows

Project hell is a zombie shooting game and this game has been done by Santhosh(unity developer)

Player have to  escape from the house by killing zombies and solving puzzles

mixomo characters used in this game

Install instructions

Click Download  Button

Extract the download file

Play it




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Nice game shame about the shooting, loved the intro and the sound effects as well as the music, thanks :) this is my walkthrough

Thank you

no probs

It's very basic, but there's nothing particularly bad about it. I would possibly think about putting a bigger variety of zombie models in the game, as there's only two types. There was also a slight issue that when you kill a zombie and there's another zombie behind it, the bullets would go into the dead zombie instead of the alive one.

Apart from that, it's fine.

I like the no reload pistol and the sound is almost same as original. I thing I just want to mention is that please fix the movement issue and the cursor always stay in the middle of the screen throughout the game. :)

thank you